Haley is likes wishing on falling stars and collecting moon rocks. She’s got a bounce in her step, stars in her eyes
Haley Galaxy
Sewn on: February 12 (Extraterrestrial Visitor Day)
Made From: Unidentified Shiny Object
Pet: Alien


Her home is a UFO.


She has green skin (Scince shes an alien), Original Black Button Eyes. Short Teal Pigtailed Hair with little antanie headband, Grey and Pink Dress with little poofs at the bottom, Shiny Grey Shoes with Buckels on the light pink socks.


  1. She is the first alien lalaloopsy.
  2. She has different colored skin just like. Scraps Stiched 'N' Sewn.
  3. First lalaloopsy to not have a house for a home.