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Meet the mightiest Lalaloopsy! Dyna Might is totally fearless, she's an action star who loves wearing disguises, running at super speed and saving the day with her pink-powered goggles. She was sewn from a hero's cape on April 28th (National Superhero Day). She has a pet raccoon.


Dyna is a fair-tan skinned girl with black button eyes usually covered by a pair of white glasses/goggles/mask and bright reddish cheeks. She has yellow-green hair worn in buns with straight cut bangs and a small cowlick, and wears a peach bow on each bun.

Dyna wears an orange dress embedded with sparkly spots and a pink cape.


Dyna's pet is her adorable little Raccoon who wears a mask covering his eyes, to protect his secret identity of course!


  • Dyna Might Full Size Doll
  • Dyna Might Series #9 Miniature


  • Dyna is the first Lalaloopsy to feature removable eyewear.
  • Dyna has the ability to fly, while her raccoon does not he instead uses a cloud to hover on.
  • Dyna's phone booth is a tribute to those of which Clark Kent would change into his costume in.


Lalaloopsy Full Size

Sewn on

April 28th (National Superhero Day)

Sewn from

A Hero's Cape



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