LLL Crumbs Sugar Cookie Poster

Crumb's Poster

Crumbs Sugar Cookie™ was made from pieces of a baking apron. She is super-sweet, has perfect manners, and loves inviting friends over for tea and treats. She has a pet mouse.

Crumbs Sugar Cookie has deep-pink straight styled hair worn back with a thin black headband with a black bow attached and short straightened bangs. Her eyes are black. Crumbs wears a fuchsia pink dress with ruffled lining and a yellow and white checkered apron worn over this, light pink lace-up boots with dark pink on top and yellow tinting on top of her socks.

Crumb's Silly Hair doll wears a light and white checkered outfit with puffed shorts at the bottom and magenta pink puffed sleeves with small white spots on them. She wears her same shoes.

Coming with a brand new oven, Crumbs wears a cute yellow and white checkered dress with ruffled lining, puff sleeves and a half apron piece around her waist with magenta pink pockets, waist, and around the sleeves. She wears short white socks and light pink Mary-janes with magenta bows at the toe.

Crumbs Tea Time comes with a yellow dress with white neck, magenta buttons and belt, and a magenta under-layer/skirt. She has her same shoes and socks, along with black hair bow.

The Crumbs Tea Party doll wears a plain yellow dress with white ruffled layers on her skirt and a pink half-apron with small yellow heart in the corner. She wears her same black head band with small hair bow, and white socks with black Maryjane.

Crumbs' Sewsleepy doll wears a one piece yellow footy pajama with pink buttons and heart mark on the right knee. Her sleeping bag is pink with with magenta polka dots and the inside is pale lemon-yellow with white stripes.

Crumb's alternate dress in Lalaloopy DS is a pink top with magenta spots and lining, short white sleeves and a pale yellow chiffon ruffled skirt. Her boot-shoes and hair ornament remain the same.


Crumbs Sugar Cookie has a pet white mouse. Mouse is a small white mouse with big round ears with yellow coloring inside, usually resembling cookies. Its eyes are black while its mouth/nose and whiskers are magenta. It also has a light pink tail.


Lalaloopsy Full Size Doll

Sewn From

Pieces of a Baking Apron

Sewn On

December 4th (National Cookie Day)